Top feature for the Nintendo Switch After 4 years it is finally time

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For 4 years fans had to wait for this update, now it s finally time. The new System Software of the Nintendo Switch allows players to connect and use Bluetooth audio devices with the handheld console.

Bluetooth headphones and Co. use with the switch: Nintendo meets great wish

Since the release of the switch, there is a feature that lacks all players: Bluetooth audio support . If you want to play with the handheld console on the go, you must either buy specially specifically for the switch-designed wireless headphones, buy a compatible Bluetooth adapter or connect your headphones by pawl. It s frustrating!

But with the new console update 13.0.0 , which can now be downloaded, these problems are finally history! After installing the system software, users can finally pair Bluetooth audio devices easily with the switch and then use them. For this you are as follows:

Opens the system settings.
Scrolls to almost the bottom to the menu item Bluetooth audio .
Make sure your audio device is in the coupling mode.
Selects Now Add Device . The search can take some time.
After your device has been found, you can pair it and then use it with the switch.

(Source: Nintendo)

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With these tricks, your Switch makes you even better:

Finally Bluetooth – but with restrictions …

Anyone who has connected a Bluetooth audio device with his switch must live with some restrictions. For example, at a maximum of two wireless controllers can be connected to the switch, if a Bluetooth audio device is connected to the console. If you want to use more controllers, you must first disconnect the Bluetooth speaker or headphone.

In addition, the connection is automatically disconnected when the switch detects that a local, wireless multiplayer game is started. Nintendo also points out that maximum a Bluetooth audio device can be connected simultaneously with the switch. However, you can save up to 10 device connections on the switch. This makes it easier to change between the devices.

Immerhin Bluetooth audio we can now delete from our list:

Bad news is available for users of a Bluetooth headset: The sound of the switch can you run over your headphones, but The integrated microphone, however, can not be used . Nintendo also points out that depending on the Bluetooth device, it can come to delays in audio playback. Who disturbs it, should therefore continue to interconnect via jack.

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