Fans complain about graphics in Bayonetta 3

As always happens with a launch of the Nintendo Switch, the fans do not stop complaining about the graphics of Bayonetta 3 . After this title finally had its first trailer during yesterday Direct, Twitter was filled with comments where it is pointed out that The new work of Platinumgames looks like something taken from PS3.

Although it is true that the Nintendo Switch is not a console known for its graphic power, Some people have exaggerated this situation with different memes, complaints, and comparisons of different type . This is what the public mentioned:

Seriously Why does Bayonetta 3 have graphics for PS3?


  • ???? Ruu ???? (@RUUBIITEER) SEPTEMBER 23, 2021

That Gameplay of Bayonetta 3 looked great, but those graphics look quite ugly.

That Bayonetta 3 GamePlay Looked Cool But Those Graphics Tho, Shits Looking Kinda Rough

  • Gold Chain Gamer (@sincere gcg) September 23, 2021

I want to see how Bayonetta 3 graphics will be seen on PC, although I m not a PC player (yet) but I want to see the style in Full HD or whatever you have in these days hahaha .

I Kinda Wanna How Bayonetta 3 Graphics Will Look On PC Even Tho I m Not a PC Gamer (Yet ????) But I Wanna See The Drip In Full HD OR WHATEVER THERE IS WHO DAYS LOL PIC.TWITTER.COM / EGVYE177GW.

  • Dante Baeyonetta s Husband❤️ ???????? ✨ (@ naruto0zumaki7) September 24, 2021

Bayonetta 3, PS2 graphics for $ 60 dollars. Halo infinite, excellent graphics for $ 1 dollar.

Bayonetta 3, Halo Infinite,
PS2 Graphics. Great Graphics.
For $ 60. for $ 1 xbox Nintendo Bayonetta3 Haloinfinite

  • Lilith ???? (@ lilith30906165) September 23, 2021

Considering that Bayonetta 3 will arrive at the switch until 2022, there is still time for platinumgames to polish certain details that we saw in this advance. In the same way, considering some of the experiences we have seen in this console, this delivery looks Much better than games like no More Heroes III , for example.

On related topics, you can check the trailer of this title here. In the same way, thus reacted platinumgames to this advance.

Via: Twitter.

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