The enormous update of Mario Golf Super Rush 3 0 live with new characters fields and more

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A new and enormous Mario Golf update: Super Rush is available at Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite together with official patch notes that reveal and detail everything that does the update. Nicknamed Update 3.0, update adds two new characters: the long-awaited Koopa Troopa and Ninja. According to Nintendo, the latter has the best speed statistic of all the characters, while the first combined high-speed statistics and high turn. In addition to the new characters, the update also has new courses, a new CPU skill adjustment function, adjustments to the qualifying items, as well as many general changes and corrections.

As for the size of the update file, it is currently not clear. That said, given the substantial size of the update, wait a potentially large file size, which would mean a possibly long discharge time.

Next, you can consult the full notes of the update patch, Nintendo courtesy:

Koopa Troopa added to the playable characters.

Koopa Troopa has been added as a playable character to choose from matches. He has very high Spin and Speed ​​statistics.
Special Dash of Him has functions that are not seen in those of other characters. During the special script, you can use the L lever to freely change the direction of the movement. You can also use the A button to jump. During the special race, you can also move through the surface of the water, but your endurance consumption will increase. While Stamina stay, you can enter your shell and continue with Special Dashing. If you press the L button during a special race, you can interrupt your special career at any time. If your special career hits other players, you will accelerate even more.
This special shot has a new ability to bounce on the ground, and the amount of times it bounces depends on the distance. As you bounce, you have the ability to fly other balls.

«Ninji» Added to playable characters

Ninji has been added as a playable character to choose from matches. He has the highest speed statistic of all the characters.
During your special career, you can slide with your layer. The first time it lands from a glide, it can bounce forward, even on the surface of the water.
Your special shot, like Koopa Troopa, has a new ability to bounce on the ground, and the number of rebounds depends on the distance traveled. As you bounce, you have the ability to fly other balls.

Blustery Basin added to playable courses

Blustery Basin, a field with snow theme, has been added as a playable golf course.
In addition to Ty-Foos and Snow Pokeys, a new scenario obstacle has also been added, cooligans .
When the climate change Ventisca occurs, the wind will be stronger than usual and the ball will not travel so easily. Do not worry about the location of bunkers and ice ponds.

Spiky Palms added to the playable fields.

Spiky Palms, a field with theme of desert at nightfall, has been added as a playable golf course.
In addition to the pokeys and tornadoes, a new stage obstacle has also been added, Spike .
When the climate change Rain occurs, the trip of the shots can decrease and the race can also be affected. The trick consists of hitting the ball a little stronger than usual.

Adding «CPU skill»

The skill of the CPU can now be selected from amateur , PRO and Champ .

Settings to the qualifying items

As of the match ranked October 2021, the rules for standard golf were changed from special shots activated to special shots deactivated .
The courses will now change every 30 minutes, instead of every 60 minutes.
If you lose the three holes, the points you win, including the participation bonus, will be zero.

General changes

In the online game, for the Standard Golf options and «All at a time», if a player fails to make the hole within a minute after all the other players have done so, it will be treated as if It would have surrendered. It is the case of Speed ​​Golf.
An error was corrected in the standard round of XC Golf Adventure that seemed to allow players to take a different route to crossing on the other side with a tornado when restarting from the first hole was selected.
An error was corrected in the amateur location of New Donk City on Hole 13, where if a player had obtained a hole at one after hitting the umbrella, a blow to him would be added.
The detection of collisions for buildings and other objects placed in New Donk City was adjusted.
CPU behavior adjusted for New Donk City.
An error was corrected by which the animation and the voice did not match during the visualization of the classification of the qualifying items.
An error was corrected by which Daisy s voice and animations did not coincide when she hit a ghost.
Several other corrections and adjustments were made in the balance of the game to improve enjoyment and playability.

Mario Golf: Super Rush is available via Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite. For more information about it and everything related to Nintendo, click here.

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