SPLATOON 3 presents a new trailer with a lot of painting and promising with its history

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He was one of the most desired and he has not wanted to miss the opportunity to leave everything lost in painting at the Nintendo Direct. We speak, of course, of Splatoon 3 , which has presented new trailer, with details of its history. And with colorful as always. SPLATOON 3 proposes us to immerse ourselves in the allocats Territorial Wars of Tintelia , with one of the most beloved and expected multiplayer proposals of Nintendo Switch. This new delivery promises new weapons of all kinds, although the main objective will be to fill the painting scenario more than the other team. It will have a story mode that promises to be interesting and contribute a distinctive tone to the work. In the trailer they insinu, or make it clear. the return of mammaleroides , so the Lore of the game will give a new twist. SPLATOON 3 launch date will be in 2022, although at the moment we do not have a certain day.

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