DOFUS Decks Water 1 to 200 for Temporis 6

Whatever your element, you will need to create a spell deck for your DOFUS temporary adventure. We handle you in levels of levels to choose the best combinations of spells for your decks water on temporis 6 !

DOFUS TEMPORIS 6: DECKS WATER 1 to 200 Paragings

The gameplay of Parchomancians is back with this new edition of Temporary Dofus Servers: Temporis 6! All spells get through the drop and craft and classes have only a lean number of assets or liabilities. You can find in this article a Default Water Decks list for your adventure. Do not hesitate to take them back to your sauce, adding spells you particularly or not!

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Deck Deck 6










Deck level 20

As with the airway, play Water in B is very interesting. Not only do you benefit from prospecting, but also win solid spells such as NEM or shelf. It will always take utilities as fermentation or frostbite, but it s really worth it.

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Deck level 40

You have so many good spells that we can afford to sacrifice some placement spells as a frost. With deck water on temporis 6, you can play both distance and mile, with boost, placement, a little tanking and damage!

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Deck level 60

Timer servers arrive, please wait …
This article will be updated over the discovery of spells

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Deck level 80

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Deck level 100

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Deck level 120

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Deck level 150

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Deck level 190

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Deck level 200

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Whatever your needs on TEMPORIS 6 , you will find all the necessary information in our articles on the subject. Our guides accompany you in all your dofus adventures!

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