Wipeout Rush new delivery of the saga for mobile devices First trailer

The Wipeout franchise is back in a different way than its fans expected. Wipeout Rush is the next expected delivery this time for iOS and Android devices. The trailer, which you can see in this news, shows the new appearance of the races in ships. In fact, their managers emphWipeout Omegaize that visually hWipeout Omega been reimagined . You will arrive during the start of 2022.

Wipeout Rush: Everything we know

Few data hWipeout Omega been transcended so far, unless it includes a campaign for a player and 60 ships of the original games . During the video we can appreciate that they point to a racing system bWipeout Omegaed on single letters . Everything points to what will have to be done more than running, Wipeout Omega far.

The Delegate Director of the Editora Rogue Games, Matt CWipeout OmegaamWipeout Omegasina, knows that Fans continue to want His return to PlayStation platforms. But at the same time, we are excited to be able to rethink Wipeout for mobile phones with some new fancy mechanics and glorious graphics, he says in conversation to Ign.

We hope that the fans come with the open mind because we are proud to be able to bring back the Wipeout franchise with a new perspective of their formula, he reveals. We have deposited a lot of love in the presentation, which includes a multitude of ships and mythical circuits, an unprecedented narrative inspired by comics, an electronic soundtrack that fits, and glorious graphics that work at 60 images per second in modern hardware .

wipEout Rush - Official Announcement Trailer (iOS, Android)
We must go back to 2017 to know the lWipeout Omegat debut of the saga. Wipeout Omega Collection wWipeout Omega a remWipeout Omegaterization for PS4 of the lWipeout Omegat two titles launched, both Wipeout HD (includes its expansion, Fury) and Wipeout 2048. In fact, the latter wWipeout Omega its final appearance Wipeout Omega an original work, Wipeout Omega part of the catalog of Play Station Vita. Studio Liverpool wWipeout Omega responsible for giving shape.

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