Fortnite Sandcastle Locations Construction and Destruction of Sandcastles Challenge Guide

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The quests of the week 10 have arrived in Fortnite. One of the new challenges is to build and destroy sand castles. That sounds like a relatively simple and simple challenge, and that s because it s like that. There are no extravagant treasure searches or extensive amounts of fish that you have to do this week. No, the challenge set for week 10 is very simple, and the Sandburg challenges are actually the hardest. Luckily you are incredibly easy to finish if you know where to look for. Here you can build sand castles in Fortnite and destroy.

Where to build and destroy sand castles in Fortnite

The Fortnite Sandburg challenge consists of two parts. In the first step, you have to build sandcastles, in the second step you have to destroy sand castles. The sand castles that you need to build and destroy are located on two different places. So you can not simply build and destroy the same and to master both challenges. You can build sandcastles on the beaches north of Dirty Docks and southwest of Holly Hedge and destroy sand castles on the beaches northeast of Craggy Cliffs and southwest of Misty Meadows. The locations of the built sand castles are marked on the map below with points, while the locations of the destroyed sandcastles are highlighted on the map below with an x.

To destroy a sandcastle, you only need to approach her and hold down the scheduled button. In each place there are three sand castles, which is exactly enough to master the challenge. To make the thing even easier, the sand castles regenerate after destruction, so they can handle this challenge even if someone else destroys all castles before they can. To build a sandcastle, the process is exactly the same. Simply approach the Silhouette of the Sandburg and hold down the command prompt to build it. Three fields can be built on each beach, which in turn is just enough to do the task.

Once you have built 3 sand castles and destroyed 3 other sand castles, they have completed both challenges. Both quests reward 24,000 XP because it is epic quests, which means that your Sandburg gambling will bring you a total of 48,000 XP. Not bad to play around in the sand. The challenges of the other week 10 are quite uncomplicated, including the elimination of dip hacks and elimination when swimming. The Sandburg challenge is really the only one for which a guide is required. However, you can view our challenge leaders of the previous week when they are still up to date. There are also the Neymar challenges if you have no skin yet. So make sure you do these before the season ends in a few weeks.

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