Life is Strange True Colors How to defeat the river snake without a fight

Life is strange: true colors is the latest entry in this curved but popular series. Even if it is still at the beginning, there are good reasons to believe that this is the best title of the franchise. In True Colors you will be introduced to the picturesque city of Haven, in which everyone knows. To make a small boy named Ethan happy after an unexpected tragedy, the city organizes a LARP session (live action roleplaying), which becomes one of the most exciting sections of the game. You and Ethan have the task of finding three special stones. To do this, you must face some fearful monsters, including the insidious river snake. Fortunately, you can defeat your enemy without having to fight. This guide shows you how you can defeat the river snake in Life’s Strange: True Colors without having to participate in a fight.

Visit The Black Lantern (Gullweather’s Tavern)

If you and Ethan make a walk to The Black Lantern, you will find that it has been converted to Gullweather’s Tavern. Inside you will find Duckie, which is covered as an old GNOM. He is the only survivor of a malicious monster attack, explaining why they will see limbs everywhere and blood.

Just talk to Duckie and tell him about your search, and he will give you a special item called Ophidian Chime. This has the magical ability to let this evil river snake sleep. This will make it ready to take it with the river snake. However, while they are in The Black Lantern, it may be a good idea to grab one of the three gemstones in the music box near the bar (you will receive the key to open by defeating the wolf in the park ). You should also read the shield between the fireplace and the bear statue, as it gives them the solution to the riddle of fools.

Find the river snake

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The river snake is slightly hidden, but not hard to find. After leaving The Black Lantern, turn left and walk down the street. Be sure to pick up all scrolls and coins you will find. Turn right into the alley, which has a colorful mural. It is the same alley, which is located on the right of the Silver Dragon pharmacy and in which you usually find the Gal Friend and Guy Friend. Continue walking along the alley and finally they will encounter the evil river snake.

Use the Obsidian Glockenspiel

As soon as you meet the river snake (the Ryan is in a costume), you will be confronted with a number of options. Choose Bell to use your Obsidian Glockenspiel. After ringing, the snake is swimmed into sleep and you can collect a new skill as well as a snake scope that will be useful later.

Once the scale is preserved, look at the snake as defeated.

Chapter Three by Life Is Strange: True Colors is probably the best in the game, as LARP elements can be used ingeniously and they can handle the fight with the river snake and other rivals clever. The game is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC. A Nintendo Switch Port is also on the way.

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