Mourning Spider Man play version of the mammoth Host Harry Doctor doctoral on the front of the scene

In the previous Sony exclusive electricity Sony exclusive Mourning Spiderman main line ending, we can see Normand Ospeng’s own son, which is Harry, who has special symptoms. It is carried out to take care of the facilities similar to the medical compartment, as for the medical means to use something similar to the mammoth common body! In order not to, the Mourning Spiderman 2 announced that the mammoth debut.

All of the universities have to start from an alien synthesis from an alien. This thing is on the spider. Subsequently and change the host of Ididden Bulk, thereby born Madox this Name character! But the Mourning Spider Man The mammoth of the electric play may not be the same as the movie and comics. Why do you say this? We will consolidate someone who is interested in people with existing information.

At the end of the Mourning Spider Man Sony exclusive main line, the Harry’s experiment was placed 35, which is actually a colorful egg, because the ultimate version of the ultimate universe is the ultimate spider. Comics serial line 35.

The ultimate universe is a common worldview brand of the Mount Mount for novice, which will reinvite all the characters in more modern settings, and the mawa movies after 2000 have a lot of related elements. As for the setting of this ultimate universe, the symbiotic is the father of Peter Parker – Richardpak, as well as the father of Edblock, the medical means invented by Old Edblock.

The way to use is to allow common body to adhere to the patient, and thereby strengthen physical energy and simultaneously eliminate pathogens and treatment of pain (such as repair fractures). As a result, the company (invents of the inventor robot) seeing this plan. It is possible to develop into a new generation of super soldiers, and thus want to excite, thus causing a series of events.

In addition, from the end of the Mourning Spider , the Sony exclusive version of the hosted host should be Harry, but this is also here. In the world view of the Ultimate Spider animation, the symbiotic is the army of the eight-way, and the weapons made by DNA manufactured by the Spider-man, but because unexpectedly attached to Harry. This becomes a malfunction.

It is worth noting that the comic critical history world Earth-616 also uncovered in the past, Nick Furui also useful common body as a weapon, so it may be referred to this, and the whole symbiotic body is expanded in the earth’s history. Overall development.

Therefore, it is possible to speculate that the mammoth of the Wills Spider has the following three types:

  1. Still compliant with the original history of comics, it is a symbiotic body setting into an alien, but it is also found to develop into a super soldier weapon while Norman captured his son. And this symbiotic may come to the earth very early, so there will be many information can be completed on the map. After all, open world Sony exclusives will have to collect literal information to expand settings.

  2. Blend the ultimate universe comics and The Ultimate Spider Man animation set, and make the symbiotic body are the medical means of the 8th affair! In particular, the eight-way, who is the main role in the Mouri Spider . If the reference animation makes him serve as a symbiotic inventor, it is indeed more intense to bring the series with the top-see, and bring out the 8th Dr. Polo Manos Peng is more grievances.

  3. Reference Animation, the artificial product made from the spiderman DNA, and will have a similar discovery ability, strengthen the death of the two, but the creator may not be promise. Manda or a doctors, but other black hands behind others.

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