When Marcel Sabitzer did not want to FC Bayern

Marcel Sabitzer (born 17 March 1994) is an Austrian specialist footballer that plays as a midfielder for Bundesliga club Bayern Munich and the Austria nationwide team.

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A bit strangely heard, when Marcel Sabitzer tells all conviction that he can not lose at all. So really never, not at home . This mentality finally brought him to FC Bayern, but does not always seem to have been so pronounced.

When Sabitzer 14 was, his agent had offered him at Werner Kern, the then Young Director of FC Bayern. Although Sabitzer himself was not so woved to leave his homeland.

That’s a witty story, says Sabitzer today and really grins. I told that right on my first day here. Sabitzer, at that time still in the youth at Wiener Neustadt active, was invited to Munich in order to watch this here .

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The teenager was convinced that I’m just asking myself and then make a decision . So: Munich, yes or no? But that was not that easy. Then I was told me that I should appear for trial training . And then Sabitzer really had no desire. In my young years, I was not so enthusiastic about it and just let that go on me.

A really bad training came out how Sabitzer’s smirking told. It was certainly not my best day. In the evening he was allowed to look at a game of the first team, after that, I said then: ‘I think that’s the moment that’s not the right step for you.’

The Bayern fan, who did not want to be too Bavaria, can laugh about the intentionally allocated trial training. In retrospect, I got there where I always wanted to be.

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