LIFE IS Strange TRUE Colors All places and trophies Achievements of chapter 3 souvenirs

LIFE IS STRANGE TRUE Colors achievements and trophies focus mainly on players who find the elements that resonate in each chapter. These unlock memories that surround the past of Haven Springs and its people. In this guide we will explain Where to find all the memory locations of Chapter 3 of Life is Strange True Colors , and How to get the trophy / achievement Earworm Squasher , so you can get the platinum trophy / 1000 Gamerscore.

All memories of chapter 3 in life are strange real colors

Divers of hell

At the beginning of the episode, when you are working and plotting with Ryan and Steph, go to the back of the bar to find a bomber jacket on the hanger.

Interact with him to get the trophy and achievement HellDiver and a memory of one of the miners on his day.

Ethan’s dollar – all life is strange, true colors chapter 3 memories

After defeating the wolf in your first battle during LARP. Look on the floor near the bench to see the Ethan Dollar. Interact with it to unlock this trophy / achievement and associated memory.

And how do you feel

Just up, out of Black Lantern Tavern (the Gullweather tavern during GN), you will find an appointment coupon.

Interact with this using Alex’s power to listen to a clip of a psychiatrist session that Diane had.

This will unlock the And what do you do this to you? .

Standing and above the ground: All life is strange, true colors chapter 3 memories

When you enter the Black Lantern tavern, go back near the pool table and dart board. On a table next to the dart board, you will find the old paper with which you can interact to show a souvenir related to Duckie.

This will unlock the trophy / achievement vertical and on the ground .

Plate of Valkyria

Upon entering the record store, after talking to Steph, look at the guitar on the box with light on behind. Just below, on the left, there is the Valkyrie dish.

Use Alex’s power to display the memory and unlock the trophy / achievement.

Other trophies / achievements of Chapter 3

Worm crusher

When you are in the bar at the beginning of Chapter 3, read the student minds that you study on the table directly opposite the bar. She will mention that she missed a song and will sing some of her lyrics on her head. Alex will comment that she believes that she can help the student and you will unlock a new dialogue option.

Speak with Ryan and Steph on the table and ask for the lyrics. They will say it was a song called Alabaster Dreams that Gabe played without stopping, until one day Jed took her out of Jukebox.

Go talk to Jed and ask him about it, and eventually he will surrender and tell you that she is behind the counter. Go find the disc near the cash register behind the bar, then interact with the Jukebox to add and play the song.

Now read the students’ emotions and unlock the trophy / achievement Earworm Squasher .

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That’s all you need to know How to unlock all memories and trophies from Chapter 3 of Life Is Strange True Colors . To get more information about the game, see links below.

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