Life is Strange True Colors unterst tzt Twitch Crowd Choice

At Twitch LiveStreams to Life Is Strange: True Colors can gain viewers the decision violence.

The Life is Strange games of life that their part has very hard decisions. This is certainly the new part of the series, Life Is Strange: True Colors, build. However, if you plan to stream the Adventure on Twitch, you can help you make decisions on the subject or give responsibility completely into the hands of your spectators. Square Enix has announced that the title supports the Crowd Choice feature of the LiveStreaming platform.

About an extension, it is possible that streamer can decide their viewers, which main character Alex in Life is Strange: TRUE COLORS makes in certain situations. You have the choice between two modes: either you give your community the full power, whereupon the majority determines which decisions are made in the game, or they can only be advised. Then a vote takes place as well, but their result serves only as advice for the streamer.

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Who wants to share his Life Is Strange: True Colors experience with others on Twitch and shapely his streams interactive, connects his Square-Enix Accout with the game and then activates the Crowd Choice mode after the start of his streams in the LiveStream menu in the options. As a spectator, it installs the corresponding Twitch extension, so you can participate in the votes regarding decisions in Life Is Strange: True Colors.

It does not take a long time until the game appears. Life is Strange: True Colors already comes to the market this Friday for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and Stadia. In addition, it is also playable via GeForce Now. A switch version will follow later this year.

Now Life is Strange: TRUE COLORS pre-order!

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