13 Sentinels AEGIS RIM passes the 200 000 sales in Japan

Highly communicative on the increase in sales of the last Vanillaware, Atlude informs us that 13 sentinels: AEGIS RIM exceeded the CAP of 200,000 copies sold in Japan since its release on November 28, 2019 on PS4. For the occasion, a new promotion to -40% is organized until September 15th on the PlayStation Japanese Store.

This new figure does not tell us where it is this atypical mix of Visual Novel and global tactical combat, but remember that the brilliantly written game by George Kamitani had exceeded 400,000 copies sold in the world last March. Released in November 2019 in Japan and September 2020 at home, 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim was the first unpublished game released by Vanillaware since Dragon’s Crown in July 2013.

As last July confirmed, the publisher is currently working with the studio on its next productions. A teaser was even unveiled in March 2019 suggesting a return to the medieval framework, but the information on this project is not out as quickly as one could hope. Unless the Tokyo Game Show brings us some good surprises, knowing that Sega and Atlude booked a common niche from 15h to 17h on Friday, October 1 to broadcast their ads.

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