World record but Italy at summer

Although the Fortan of Murat Yakin trained Swiss Eidzen in the top game against Favorit Italy did not record a high-cower, so one was to be acknowledged: the Swiss already playing at the European Championship (from only in the quarter-finals against Spain) held strongly against the European champion over the entire gameplay . Nadelschinche, domestic duels or some at least in the approach dangerous degrees demanded the Azzurri defense about Captain Chiellini and again the highest attention and full commitment.

And that, although the home owner in Basel St. Jakob-Park, important family forces as the injured Shaqiri, the attacked Freuz or the captain Xhaka tested and positively tested on Corona were missing.

On the other hand, a much better combining Squadra Azzurra knew on the other side, which took place after the surprising and yet disappointing 1: 1 against Bulgaria from the last Thursday creative solutions. Exemplary at this point Barella’s plug-in on the freestanding real estate (13th) or Locatelli’s enchanting pass in the run of Berardi (19th), but in both scenes, the Italians failed once again in the past corporate summer.

Summer can not prevent the record

The Gladbacher Bundesliga Keeper, who had already been one of the best players of the entire tournament at the European Championship, really kept everything that flew his box. Berardi (23rd), Immobilee (26.), Insignia (45. + 3), again in the universal (72nd) and Zaniolo (82.), they all found no way to summer with their approaches. Not even the Jorginho applicable as a penalty specialist: Europe’s footballer of the year awarded in the 53rd minute with his usual casual start-up, so that summer could even keep the flat shot safe.

However, one thing could not prevent the Bundesliga goalkeeper of the Gladbacher – and that Italy was allowed to enjoy two things despite a 0: 0. On the one hand, the Azzurri with Remis defended at least for the moment Tableplace 1 in the World Cup qualification group C (four points in front of Switzerland, but still has two games less). On the other hand, the Squadra Azzurra set a new world record: 36 countries in consequence without defeat did not make a nation on the big stage, the old brands of Spain and Brazil (35) have surpassed.

The international top transfers of the summer

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