Fortnite Hochsteller

Epic Games has published a new game mode for Fortnite. In highly stacker (Impostors) it is about finding two highly stackers under ten players. A maximum of ten people can participate: eight agents ensure order on the bridge and two highly stackers try to tear control.

Different tasks

The agents have different tasks in highly stackers such as the calibration of chests and lamas, the repair of batting bus and the delivery of the storm data, so they can be analyzed.

Agents must quickly complete their tasks while looking for the treacherous high stackers and eliminated allies. You win the match if you have completed all the tasks or have selected all high stackers out of the game, says Epic Games.

The high stackers in turn have to eliminate enough agents to tear control over the bridge before they are caught. They help you different tricks:

  • Switch off tasks: a short-term freezing of the progress of all tasks to get valuable time.
  • Teleport players: All agents and high stackers are teleported to another place on the bridge to blur their own tracks.
  • Schali Party: All agents and highly stackers look for a short time like Schali, so you can immerse perfectly in the crowd.

Communication and meetings

The public language chat is disabled in Hochsteller, but the group chat remains available. In addition, it is possible to communicate with others via emotes and the fast chat. Also available is the option Private, whereby a four-group can start your own match.

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Sometimes meetings have to be enforced in highly stackers to check how the others are just about and to talk about the uplift. During the meetings, the agents and the highplactors can exchange information about emotes or the new fast chat, Epic Games continues. This makes it possible to narrow the circle of suspects and easier to get the final decision.

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