New chapter of MHA reveals an interesting detail about the anime intro

Izuku Midoriya, Protagonist of My Hero Academy, Always says the phrase This is the story of how I became the biggest hero of all during the initial anime sequence, and the fans began to Theorize about what this really meant. Well, the recent chapter of the Saga offers a few more details about its true meaning.

– Spoilers for MHA below –

The current arc of MHA shows us izuku using all the power of one for all to finally beat all for one and the villain league. The battle of * Izuku He has left him mentally finished, to the point that he looks much more scary than the villains he faces. The friends of deku * finally helped him during the final confrontation and convinced him so he will return to the Academy.

During the chapter 324 of the sleeve, Izuku kneels and leans towards the crowd of civilians. During that moment, all those who Izuku saved in the past help him get up, since he no longer has the strength to do it.

HOLY.. This is TERRIBLE News! Eden Eternal AND Twin Saga SHUT DOWN!
That is where the same voice of izuku of the intro can be heard with a new message:

This is the story of how I became the biggest hero of all. And also … the story of how we all became in the larger heroes.

It seems that theories were true: Izuku Midoriya was always heroic enough for this story to be only about him.

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