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Arthur Rinderknech (birthed 23 July 1995) is a French tennis gamer. He has a career-high ATP songs rating of World No. 78 attained on 23 August 2021. He also has a career-high ATP increases position of World No. 162 attained on 8 February 2021.

Carlos Alcaraz is only 18 years old, but he has been prophesial for a long time in tennis. The way of the youngster steadily led him 2021 up to # 55 – remarkable: One year earlier he was not even represented in the top 200. The US Open were now also the first major, in which he did not have to qualify.

According to his victories about Cameron Norrie and Arthur Rinderknech, Alcaraz was on Arthur Ashe against Stefanos TsitsiPas, one of the top favorites on the tournament victory. Fear of great names, the young Spaniard does not obviously do not show that at the beginning of the match, in which he haunted the Greek a crissful forehand after the other around the ears and led him breinks and quickly 4: 0.

TsitsiPas pushes the sentence gain

Thereafter, TsitsiPa’s returned, holding one or the other game himself, but the sentence went with 6: 3 to the Spaniard, who had already won the hearts of the fans. Then TsitsiPas left the Physio, which treated him at the feet. On the Court, it continued seamlessly: Alcaraz maintained his high level of high levels, was tremendously quickly in the baseline and every time the Greek weakened. The early break to the 0: 2 was the logical consequence – and TsitsiPas annoyed more and more.

The world ranking trimmer seemed helplessly helpless, but then he changed his game, even more aggressive, picked up the break. The match was at a very high level, at a very high level – and dramatic: When TsitsiPas was allowed to raise the set win, Alcaraz was suddenly to three break balls, who defeated the Greek, fueled loudly and picked up the passage with an ace.

Drama Pur: TsitsiPas loses the sentence after 5: 2 leadership

Did three huge tortures in Round: Stefanos TsitsiPas. Getty Images

Alcaraz also held well in sentence three, but could not build on the almost flawless idea before and became a breater to 2: 3. TsitsiPas quickly led 5: 2, had two sentence balls – and awarded them. Negativity went back to the Greek – and at once it was 5: 5. A drama that would probably have been according to the taste of Homer. An example: Alcaraz lucky at breakball against being at all first ass of the match – and with the second surcharge!

It was a roller coaster ride of the emotions for both players, although one saw that clearer to the extrovert Greek. The haternity extremely with him, while the Spaniard left outwardly left in the Tie-Break several times magic balls and decided this with 7: 2 for themselves. Then Alcaraz also cheered on the court and ripped the audience so sitting.

Fittee’s thriller in New York

TsitsiPas, who had been criticized because of his toilet breaks, then left the place, this time was back after less than four minutes. Alcaraz’s madness run was stopped in the fourth sentence, because TsitsiPas laid a famous comeback and compete with a 6-0 (!) The fifth sentence. But the Greeke also benefited from the fact that Alcaraz was treated on the right thigh and henceforth did not go on her legs. The 18-year-old also clearly divided forces for sentence five – and that was open again.

Both players were now stable at their own premium, so the decision in the Tie Break had to fall. In this, the volume in the stadium reached a level that sought off his desire – all for Alcaraz, who got three match balls after just over four hours. He took advantage of the third with a crashing forehand in the corner and then sank joyful to the ground under immense applause. After 6: 3, 4: 6, 7: 6 (7: 2), 0: 6, 7: 6 (7: 5) victory now waits in the second round of German Peter Gojowczyk, which is also sensational as a qualifier also sensational the round of reached last 16.

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