5 Best Free Fire Drop Place for Rank Pushers

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Pushing rank for players in Free Fire is a daunting task. With each new level, the competition becomes difficult, and taking a boon over time becomes even difficult.

However, despite being tough competition, there is a way to secure kill in every match. While there will be a lot of skill and effort in it, to know where to descend, will make the work easier.

Top 5 Drop Place for Rank Pushers in Free Fire

5) Aden’s Creek (Bermuda Remust)

Aden’s Creek Bermuda is the most different place on the Remasted Map. This place is ideal for those balanced players who play both with burst and need protective.

Players coming here can secure good loot, and if they are very fast, they can push towards the clock tower and take out the opponents fighting to secure the area. After once, they can push the center below and move to the Bimapaktal bar.

4) Old Town (Bermuda / Bermuda Remoted)

Kota Tua is one of the most dangerous and best places to land in free fire. How to play the player, depending on this, this place can be extremely beneficial. This area is surrounded by all around, which makes rotation hard work, but guarantees that through the anti-region.

In essence, quota is the perfect camping spot in the game. The player can easily set up the death potential area and try to come in Cape Town and Pochinok and eliminate the already thought players.

3) Command Post (Kalahari)

The command post for many people in Free Fire is a great place. It is located near the center of the map, provides big booty, and allows players to easily rotate in many directions.

During the entire match, the players roam in this area in the hope of good loot. Whatever players fall first, they can set an effective kill zone and can easily get points by locking the area.

2) Behefant (Kalahari)

For players enjoying aggressive rank push, the beefant is an ideal place. A lot of battles are seen during every match in this area, and the opponents who fall towards the north of the map will be more than the possibility of roaming through the beefant, which will become an excellent murder area.

There is a lot of loot in this area and there is plenty to hide too. Apart from this, if the player does not want to close the field after the initial post-landing phase ends, they can move towards refineries and take a fight for camper.

1) Brasilia (Perification)

When it comes to pushing the rank in Free Fire, Brasilia will find the player who is the best place. There is a lot of loot for the whole team in this area. And due to its location, there is no shortage of enemies roaming in this area.

A good way to use this area for rank push is just to camp and stop it. Given that it is located in the center of the map, the enemy player will roam throughout the entire area during the whole game.

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