PUBG Mobile explains to cheats with the industry leading anti cheat

As part of its ongoing efforts to identify and prohibit scammers, PubG Mobile announced in December last year Project: Ban Pan. This ambitious industry-leading project is an anti-cheat system that is updated daily to tackle new developments in cheating.

About 95% of the violations in the game are now punished with a real-time ban, which means that around 8,000 accounts can be blocked every day for 10 years. Compared to its highest stand, a decrease in the reported accounts is 90% in the daily active users, indicating that the system has already discarded many offenders. It is of course riskier than ever to be a scamming in pubg.

As you might have suspected, such a system is not just overnight. Data monitoring, data mining and the basis for punishment have always been difficulties of the automatic account system for external plug-ins in the area of ​​countermeasures for gesture security, says Tencent representatives.

This is especially true for a free title with an incredibly large number of users. In fact, the sheer size of the PUBG Mobile player base and the fact that no purchase is required to play is the biggest challenge when it comes to the implementation of security against security.

Although the nuclear technology of the anti-cheating team in global operation has a technical basis of 10 years, they are faced with new challenges in the areas of server provision, various network environments, model equipment and laws and regulations, etc.

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The current system uses the offline punishment and the above-mentioned real-time bans to hold scammers. The former is normally imposed players who have come together with known cheating in the past. We support the offline punishment for the frequency with which the player has cheated, and on the frequency of fraud. We process our data regularly daily if we impose an offline punishment.

One of the great problems with real-time bans is whether the system can separate highly qualified players exactly from those who use fraud software. Although scammers behave in some games similar to highly qualified players, the use of fraud software leaves some traces on the client, the Game Engine layer and the lowest layer of the system. We gradually have a technical advantage in the detection of the traces through continuous accumulation.

The team has also implemented methods for monitoring suspicious players. An example of this is a data synchronization mechanism that records the protocol instruction stream to detect an incredibly accurate date without having to rely on the client-side recording. By using this technology, we can monitor the movement information, character status and shot information of the player’s character, while monitoring time and coordinates highly precisely.

As expected, Project: Ban Pan also on old-fashioned player reports. Player reports contain information such as text, videos or even the distribution channels of plug-ins, which can be helpful in assessing certain cases or in the decision on the penalty to be imposed.

Players can submit their reports to the PUBG Mobile Safety Station website and even check if their action has led to punishment. The reports will undoubtedly increase with the introduction of Death Replay function on March 3. From the player’s point of view, you can see as well as you killed from the point of view of your opponent, which makes it theoretically easier to recognize a scamming.

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But what happens if the system or a player inevitably does something wrong? Well, a new customer service system is currently being tested internally so that you can query your prohibition. This is to be presented gradually to players in the near future.

Although we may be confronted with many difficulties, we will further improve our trace analysis from different perspectives and dimensions, add more recognition methods that improve system recognition functions and continue to do our best to provide players better support against fraud. This Only the beginning for Project: Ban Pan.

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