The new update of Pubg will bring a Hyundai truck TAEGO card changes and more

Pubg will soon receive a new update, and it seems that the fans of the game will be entitled to many new content. One of the latest novelties is the new Hyundai vehicle, the Porter van.

Pubg, or more redundant called Pubg: Battlegrounds, will soon have it, which will be exclusive to the Taego card, which, in turn, will also receive its own range of modifications. Wearing it is a Hyundai brand, which confirms that Forza Horizon 5 is not the only game that can use licensed vehicles in the game. It can accommodate up to four passengers, but a key feature that is highlighted. With this newly added vehicle is its safe system function.

This new PUBG feature will allow its players to store objects directly on the back of the vehicle. This can be very useful when players try to move objects over the entire length of the card. However, it should be noted that if the vehicle crashes and is completeized, all objects stored at the rear will be lost.

In addition to the new Truck Porter, Pubg players will also be able to play in casual mode. This will allow them to warm up in less stressful environments on the Erange map. They can play up to three games a day, solo or team. Players using casual mode can still collect BP rewards, accomplish missions and collect XP.

As mentioned earlier, the TAEGO card also undergoes some modifications in the layout of its mini-card, sunset and covered time options. The Survivor Pass on Crazy Night Theme will be exaggerated and will last up to eight weeks, instead of six.

A new Pubg weapon, the P90, will also be available. It is described as a very powerful and fully equipped package element. It comes with a charger of 50 cartridges, a laser pointer and a suppressor. The Blue Zone Granada is also a unique weapon that can potentially upset the Pubg gameplay. It can be launched to the enemies and create the same storm effect from the blue zone, which can damage, even kill, opponents if they stay too long in the area.

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