Level 4 Ionic 5 Robo Taxi runs actual road next year

Hyundai Motor Group has released a co-developed autonomous driving level 4 Robo taxi (Ionic 5 Robo taxi) based on the Conditioning and Ionic 5.

Hyundai Motor Group announced that it will disclose a vehicle reality to the ‘2021 IAA Mobility’, which opened the Ionic 5 Robo taxi design and opened in Munich, Germany from 7 to 12th.

Hyundai Group applied autonomous driving technology cooperated with the US autonomous driving technical corporation with the US autonomous driving technical corporation with the US autonomous driving technical corporation for the development of Ionic 5 Robo taxi.

Hyundai Motor Group is developing autonomous driving technology applied to Ionic 5 Robo Taxi to the US Automotive Society (SAE) standard level 4 level. Level 4 is a level that the vehicle automation system recognizes and judges the situation, and the vehicle can respond itself without operator intervention even in emergency.

Ionic 5 Robo Taxi is the first commercial trial vehicle of the first commercial driving vehicle. In 2023, we will be in the United States to take the ride hauling service to bring passengers to the point of points.

In the previous April, the Conditions has been announced that Ionick 5 is selected as a next-generation Robo taxi vehicle platform, and a 2023 vehicle sharing company has been announced that it plans to supply a large amount of vehicles that can be fully driven by a fully unmanned autonomous drive.

The design of Ionic 5 Roallbo City was completed based on the progress of ‘Pre-cultivated Experience’, which is the orientation of Ionick brand.

The first thing that is the first thing in the appearance of Ionick 5 Robozo’s appearance is a blue cylindrical Lada and a self-drive sensor such as a blue cylindrical Lada and a ladder. In addition to the loop, it also mounted about 30 sensors in the previous and rear bumper, and the left and right fender.

The autonomous driving sensor recognizes the 360 ​​degrees of the vehicle and the obstacle, and measures the peripheral image at high resolution to acquire spatial information. A core component that detects up to 300 meters from a maximum of 300 meters to the road situation is directly linked to the safety and reliability of autonomous traveling vehicles.

Hyundai Motor Group has implemented accurate and safe autonomous driving skills as a sensor such as a camera, ladder, radar, while using them as a vehicle unique design element.

It is similar to designing WRC rally. Rally cars intentionally expose the air ducts applied to the front hood to prevent the vehicle output degradation and express the identity of the high-performance vehicle.

Hyundai Motor Group was able to see the autonomous driving sensor, which is a key component, to expose the vehicle exterior to the exterior of the vehicle, allowing the occupant to recognize the robe taxim.

In addition, the sensor exposed to the outside allowed the customer to be a vehicle that is safely designed based on high technology when the customer witnesses the Ionic 5 Robo taxi.

Hyundai Motor Group has enhanced its room for indoor moving space with a flat floor with a flat floor and a long axial distance, which applies an Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP), which is an electric vehicle-only platform (E-GMP), which is an electric vehicle-only platform,

The existing internal combustion engine center console applied to the UNIVEL Ireland and Dong Seung-seok Glove Box in the lower part of the Glove Box.

The Ionic 5 Robo taxi, which is developed by a completely unmanned autonomous car, has applied the ‘Human Machine Interface (HMI (Human Machine Interface) technology to help lively vehicle and passengers on behalf of the driver.

Ionic 5 Robo Taxi can communicate with customers with external displays attached to the top of the driver’s front dashboard. Exposure to the vehicle display, which is waiting for a unattended autonomous drive, is a function that is developed to allow the customer to check the vehicle after confirming the ID of the customer without confusing.

At the bottom of the door window, the LED strip was changed according to the vehicle condition. The LED strip changes the color depending on the presence or absence of the vehicle and the vehicle condition. The customer has intuitively know the vehicle condition in the LED color even in the distance.

We also applied the ability to assist the convenience of passengers instead of the driver. It is representative of the ability to attach the camera sensor to the room to confirm the occupant seat belt, and detect the occupant behavior and deliver the notifications if necessary. In addition, there is also a function such as detecting the object through the sensor so that the occupant does not lower the belongings in the vehicle.

The display was mounted on the back of the driver’s seat. The passenger can confirm the vehicle path that is being moved in real time, or further set the intermediate settlement in addition to the intended destination.

In addition, the currency buttons and speakers and microphones were applied in the center of the indoor loop so that they can connect with the autonomous driving control center when they need help.

The Ionic 5 Robo Taxi was born throughout the development of autonomous driving technology, cooperated with Hyundai Motor Group throughout the year.

The two companies have been working on the goal of automobilizing safety and technical completeness.

Prior to, the notation has been working with the lift and demonstrated the technology reliability of the world’s longest commercial robo taxi service.

In addition, it has been successful in trial testing for more than 100,000 times without accidents and malfunctions, and has accumulated a variety of experiences, including local or road situation, and demonstration of demonstrations in different conditions of vehicles.

Hyundai Group has applied a high level of autonomous driving technology corresponding to autonomous driving level 4 in Ionic 5 Robo taxi, with the Conduct.

Larder and Laida, camera, etc., have highly advanced autonomous driving sensor technologies and mounting 30 sensors on the vehicle, allowing the vehicle to detect and predict the traveling situation on the vehicle to 360 degrees.

We applied redundancy to the main system of the vehicle. Redundancy is a dual configuration that dualizes provisions, braking, power, communication, and so on, the system is a system that allows the auxiliary device to smoothly and safely operate by replacing it.

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Ionic 5 Robo Taxi has been equipped with ‘Remote Vehicle Assistance’ technology so that it can be stably driven even in the roadside sudden situation. If a vehicle passes through the construction area or a situation such as being flooded, the control center is a technique that allows the control center to connect to the autonomous driving system of Robo-si, or to provide a new route or quickly needs to be accomplished.

Ionic 5 Robo Taxi provides a safe and reliable new movement experience to customers through technology that naturally connects vehicle hardware and autonomous driving systems.

A Haun-jun-jun, Hyundai Motor Autonomous Division Division, said, The technology-based platform-based Ionic 5 has diverse safety and convenience technologies that are essential to autonomous driving, and evolved into a fully autonomous driving vehicle. The Ionic 5-based Robo taxi, which was born through, will be an important milestone for commercialization of Robo taxi in 2023.

Knife, CEO, CEO, said, There was a professional vehicle software development capability, which is a professional vehicle software development capability, which is not a third party with strategic partnership with Hyundai Motor Group, he said, Robo Taxi said the optimal model for commercialization.

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