Ford Puma St Driving Report

As he looks: Appearance is known to be a matter of taste, and so do the spirits at the Ford Puma. The one works on the design when they keep it gestured for dilation, the others – and there is our eye to know that the 4.23 meter compact crossover offers an equally athletic and elegant sight and visually a hit is.

Technically, the Puma is based on Ford’s B-segment platform, if you want so, he marks the SUV from the small car Fiesta. It is also known to be as a sporty ST model, the Puma closes there and is offered by manufacturer as high-performance crossover SUV and performance vehicle. The athlete should also show the Puma St., therefore, he adorns himself with a handsome roof spoiler than the standard model, with a diffuser on the stern, 19-inch alloy wheels and high gloss black on roof, radiator grille, outside mirror housings and the mentioned roof spoiler. When opening the doors, the ST logo is promised to the asphalt. And the special colors belongs to the daring Furious-Green Metallic, for the Ford 1000 Euro surcharge.

As it is set up: Also in the interior, the ST identity should not be overlooked, the two letters can be found on the floor mats as well as the recaro sporting sites referred to with a non-slip material called Miko Dinamica or on the shift knob . Furthermore, there is gray ornamental stitches, the steering wheel is flattened down and surprised us through its size. Rather small, in view of the usual widescreen landscapes, the 8-inch touchscreen for the multimedia looks. As far as the 12,3-inch driver display concerns, the PUMA St meets the digital claims; Plus points, he also collects through all sorts of analog access, volume, temperature or ventilation can be controlled by knobs, is simply practical.

The material mix and the quality of work is to say that both goes, but does not necessarily correspond to premium standard.

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Commands: Digital driver’s display plus 8-inch touchscreen. Manufacturer

How much space he has: The stress-padded Recaro sports seats have already been speech, the author of these lines found themselves well accommodated on them and equipped with reliable page holding, on the other hand, by greater grown drivers, was soft grumbling over the narrow To hear cutting the armchair.

In the rear compartment, the legroom offers no reason to suit the small car platform, which gives the small car platform, the air overhead, on the other hand, is a bit thin due to the beveled roofline. Plenty of storage space is behind the tailgate, 456 to 1216 liters can be exhausted. Like all the PUMA variants, the st the clever and 81 liters of the mega box also has loading floors under the (height-adjustable) loading floor. It is completely lined with plastic and equipped with a drain valve. If dirty transportation is to be accommodated, its traces can be eliminated with a water hose, the grubbing broth is simply running down.

What drives him: Analogous to the Fiesta St a 1.5-L three-cylinder, which achieves the full power of its 147 kW / 200 hp at 6000 turns and produces a respectable torque of 320 Newton meters, between 2500 and 3500 tours It is ready. Manually switched to an exquisite six-speed gearbox, a switching point display initiates the driver.

Three-cylinder, do we hear the sports pilot worried questions, can that be something? It can, but we will come back. Previously, we push the indication that not even these three pots are permanently in service, because in the sense of fuel savings, a sub-load is switched off, so that the PUMA ST then is on the road as a two-cylinder.

Bespoiler: The wing is larger than the standard puma. Manufacturer

Back to what the small silk makes possible to driving pleasure: Lots of! The charged EcoBoost engine is a great drive source, impressively pull-strong, already in the speed cellar, the ST with Verve pushes forward, even above he still turns out. And adequately heard he hears himself anyway, very seriously to be accurate and thus to disperse any concerns about unparent three-cylinder tonality.

As he drives: Ford can chassis, you know, and at the Puma St this competence is particularly worthwhile. Even though he brings construction due to design, such as all so-called performance SUVs, not the ultimate sports spirit of a flounderflate dynamic: curves, he loves, magnificent flink and agile, he feels at the wagging of sweeping and very handy. The fact that the steering commands, such as Ford insured, are implemented almost 25 percent more direct than the base-PUMA and the rear composite handlebar produces 50 percent more strength, one feels. Larger stabilizers are counteracting the rolling tendency in curves, and as part of the performance package (1200 euros), there is a mechanical front axle blocking differential for the benefit of traction to Torque Vectoring.

Also included is the Launch Control, in the event that the front drive on the round course is to lie down the optimal start. The right driving program is called racetrack, it deactivates the traction control and puts the ESP in lean mode, it can be completely disabled. The counter-design named Eco is to do the best possible fuel efficiency, between both worlds sort normal, Comfort as well as to turn on a button on the steering wheel – Sport.

Pretty Rabiat pack the brakes, you have to get used to it. And the tautly coordinated suspension leads to unevenness not really mildly passing on the back.

The sprint from 0 to 100 does the ST in 6.7 seconds, in the top he reaches 220 km / h.

A nuisance that is known from the standard Puma is the right exterior mirror, which can not be adjusted for every driver / driver suitable for the field of view.

Cooperation: In the development of the tire type (pilot sport 4S) you have worked tight with Michelin, says Ford. Manufacturer

What he consumes: The example of the 1358 kilogram lightweight PUMA ST shows that sporty talent can also be associated with dimensional drinking foods. 8.7 l / 100 km have been the maximum resulting from home demand, the wheel round has completed the ST with 5.1 liters, on average were 6.4 liters.

What he offers: as standard, including 19-inch alloy wheels, air conditioning, ambient light, recaro sports seats, multimedia system including Navi, Bang & Olufsen sound system, lane support and high-speed assistant as well as traffic sign recognition.

What he costs: from 30,900 euros.

What we mean: The ST is certainly not the most sensible in the midst of Ford’s Puma Rudel, this role fills this role rather candidates like the PUMA 1.0 Ecoboost Hybrid. But it is unquestionably, customers who inspire themselves for such a sporty-oriented crossover. They will be supplied with a lot of driving pleasure – without having to pay too expensive at the gas station.

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The data of the Ford Puma St:

Displacement 1496 CCM, Cylinder 3, Power 147 kW / 200 hp at 6000 / min, max. Torque 320 nm at 2500 – 3500 / min, tip 220 km / h, Acceleration 0 to 100 km / h in 6.7 sec, standard consumption WLTP Combined 6.8 l S / 100 km, Test consumption 6.4 l S / 100 km, CO2 emission 155 g / km, pollutant class Euro 6D-ISC-FCM, Energy efficiency class C, Length 4,23 m, Width 1.81 m without, 1.93 m with outside mirrors, height 1.52 m, trunk 456 – 1216 l, Fuel Tank 40 L, Empty weight 1358 kg, Permitted total weight 1810 kg, Payload 452 kg, Trailer load 750 kg (braked), 675 kg (unbraked ). Manual 6-G gearbox, front drive. Insurance type classes 17 (kH), 22 (VK), 25 (TK). Price from 30,900 euros.

Ford Puma St: Dynamic also with three cylinders

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