Terraria receives a comprehensive update that finally controller

Terraria has now received a comprehensive new update that contains a variety of options for adjusting the controller, including support for fully new controllers for Bluetooth-enabled gamepads. If you have not kept up with the game, you simply know that the control adjustment has been a player requested by the player for several years.

And it looks like the wait was worth the update as we now have an incredible control over how we want to play.

RIP RAIDERZ! So, About That Re-Launch.. Hah.

Although we have no complete list of all compatible gamepads, we know that both PS4 and Xbox One Controller work well. You can bind most actions to your controller again, and it seems to be a pretty simple process. If you do not want to be creative, there are three standard controller setups to choose from: simplified, extended and console.

In addition to controller support, the update also revises the player creation menu and offers a clear preview of how your character will look like. The world menu has been changed to match the creation of the players, and the hairdressing and dresser windows are now both popups in the game.

A series of small bug fixes / improvements have also arrived. Multiplayer games now have a timeout if they prove to be unavailable, some rare crashes were sorted, items without equipment no longer can be placed in equipment slots and the accuracy of the gripper has been improved. Here are the full patch notes.

Ex-editor Mark Brown has already reviewed terraria in 2013 and said that his mix of creative craftsmanship and endless explorations will inspire them for weeks. However, he lamented the lack of multiplayer, which was obviously added after the start.

If you have not tried it yet, Terraria is now available for download on both sides AppStore and Google Play as a premium title.

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