Last Minute Owner Atletico plays 2 2 against Villarreal

From the beginning Atletico took the notebook of action in the hand. Villarreal was deep, partly with seven players on their own penalty area, and tried to carry the pace at possession of the ball. The many false passes in the game construction of the guests used the master in the 23rd minute almost to 1: 0, goalkeeper Rulli was able to steer a Lemar graduation but still to the post.

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Villarreal occurred in the first round only dangerous, Gerard did not bring the ball in a promising position. Ultimately, it went to a 0-0 in the break because Carrascos could be clarified on the goal line (40.) and Trippier’s header was still aborted and just under the gate (45. + 6).

The cold shower for Atleti followed in the 52nd minute, as Trigueros marked the 1-0 for the Europa League winner with the first right goal shot. The answer of Heimf followed promptly, Suarez placed a Correane pass to 1: 1 in the network of Villarreal.

Atletico made pressure in the consequence, but good chances did not jump out. And suddenly it was 1: 2. Gimenez and Savic were not conspicuous, Danjuma the beneficiary. An effective hit, because so much the champion from Madrid also tried, nothing to succeed anymore. Coke Schlenzer steered Torwart Rulli over the Tordreieck (86th). Nevertheless, at the end was a 2: 2, because Mandi with the last action of the game headed a flank ball from the penalty area at Rulli to his own gate.

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